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CWC mentors are dedicated, enthusiastic professionals, all active in their respective fields. Many of them are award-winning authors, with strong reputations in the fields of education and literature. Our mentors believe in using the imaginative arts (music, drama and illustration) to inspire students to become stronger readers and writers and to specifically create a broader understanding of concepts such as character, plot, setting, point of view, imagery, and style. Find out more about each of our mentors by clicking on the links below.

Mr. Wiz helping a student edit in Dream Workshop.

  > Lee Edward Födi (Mr. Wiz) > Kallie George
  > Dan Bar-el > Lori Sherrit-Fleming
  > Stacey Matson > Danika Dinsmore
  > Shelley MacDonald > Marcie Nestman
  > Donnard MacKenzie > Joon Hyung-Park (CWC Founder)
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